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Flap surgery is a dental surgical procedure where the gums are separated from the teeth temporarily. The dentist is then able to reach the roots of the teeth.  The surgery is used to treat gum-related diseases and disorders. The procedure is generally recommended for individuals with moderate or advanced periodontitis.

The Periodontists first carries out a treatment that does not involve a surgery. The treatment might include activities like root planning and scaling. However, if the problem is not eliminated during these activities, the periodontist will go ahead with the flap surgery.

The tartar surrounding the teeth is first removed. Your overall health is then evaluated. Your periodontist would also want to know about the medications you are currently using, as some medications tend to hinder the effectiveness of the surgery. The patient first receives a shot that numbs the surgical area. The periodontist then uses a scalpel to separate the teeth from the gums to get a direct access to the roots of the teeth.

Inflamed tissue is now removed. Next, the periodontist performs the scaling and the planning procedures to clean up the tartar. While performing the surgery, some periodontist use stitches that have to be removed within 10 days, while others use stitches that dissolve on their own. In some cases, the surgical area is covered using a bandage. This is known as a dressing or a periodontal pack.


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