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Before learning about Disimpaction, it is important to know what a Wisdom Tooth is. Wisdom Tooth is the last one to grow. Located at the rear of the mouth, these teeth are developed completely by the age of 15 to 21. This is an age during which one gains maturity and “Wisdom” and that’s where the name “Wisdom Tooth” comes from.

What is Disimpaction Surgery?
At times, a tooth might not have enough space to grow and therefore it’s growth is hindered by the surrounding set of teeth. In some cases, these impacted teeth are found to grow further later in life. Disimpaction surgery is meant for correcting such a disorder.

Is Impacted Wisdom tooth a serious condition?
Impacted wisdom Teeth remain below the surface, and this can cause immense pain. Moreover, the disorder might also lead to a severe infection later in life. On the contrary, in some cases, an impacted tooth might not hurt at all. But, it is still recommended that you opt for the necessary treatment, as it is most likely to damage roots of the surrounding set of teeth. 

What does the procedure involve?
It is a minor surgical operation. The procedure involves removal of bone, cutting of tooth and incision of the gums. The surgery lasts for not more than a few minutes depending on the severity of the procedure. As a result, you can expect the appointment to last for not over an hour. The procedure uses dissolvable stitches that greatly aids in the healing process.



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