Our Services - Periodontics - Crown Lengthening

In some cases, teeth of an individual may appear short, as they happen to be covered with too much of gum tissue. Crown lengthening procedure is done to correct such a situation. During the procedure excess gum is reshaped to expose the hidden part of the natural tooth. It can be done for a single tooth or an entire gum line. 

When is it used?
The procedure is carried out when the tooth is separated from the gum line. Crown lengthening is also done when a filling or a crown falls out of a tooth, resulting in tooth decay. To rightly place the crown or the filling, more of the tooth is exposed by removing the gum tissue. Some individuals have more gum tissue surrounding their upper teeth. This too can be treated through crown lengthening.

How do you prepare yourself?
During your first visit, the periodontist will spend time reviewing your medical history. The date of the surgery will then be set. However, before the surgery you will have to undergo a professional tooth cleaning procedure. In case a crown is needed, your peroidontist may use a temporary crown, as it protects the teeth and makes surgery a lot easier. It takes around 3 months for the area to heal.

The duration of the crown lengthening procedure depends on the number of teeth that require treatment. In some cases, even if a single tooth is involved, it surrounding teeth are also included. 


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